What are WebExtensions and why do we need them? In mid-2015 Mozilla announced a big change to Firefox add-ons. This marked the start of the transition to WebExtensions - a new API (Application Programming Interface) for extension authors. The plan ...
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Firefox Focus - a new take on private browsing This is a new kind of mobile browser. It’s for people that are conscious about privacy and security on the web. There’s been a lot of talk about these issues in the past - corporations ...
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Firefox 57 becomes Firefox Quantum For a long time Quantum was the code name for the upcoming revolutionary version 57, but the name Firefox 57 just doesn’t do justice to the momentous changes that are coming in November. So, ...
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Firefox 56 released. Find out what’s new! Version 56 of our favorite browser is live. It is the last version before the revolutionary version 57 which will bring all sorts of performance improvements and a clean break to web extensions. ...
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Firefox Send - a file sharing experiment from Mozilla

Firefox Send is part of the Test Pilot program that aims to experiment with some new features before making them a part of Firefox or from Mozilla’s line of products. The Screenshots feature from version 56 was such an experiment that was promoted to an official feature. At the moment there are 6 ongoing experimental features being tested.

Firefox Send

Send is an attempt to make file transfer across the internet easy and secure, an alternative to established services like WeTransfer.com. The idea is simple: you drag your file over the page (up to 1GB), the file is encrypted and transferred to the Send server and you get a link you can share with someone. The link is valid for 24 hours or one download.

Firefox Send - Sending fileFirefox Send - Transfer complete

The service is not limited to Firefox and works in all major browsers.

The team behind the project is requesting your feedback, so if you have some ideas for them hit the Feedback button in the top right corner.